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I am Mohamed Zaki, a Berber man from the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. I live in a small village located at an elevation of more than 2000m. I was licensed to be a mountain guide in 1992, with advanced training in France. Since then, I have led tours throughout my country – in the mountains, the Sahara desert, and imperial cities. I specialize in trekking , cultural tours and bird watching . I have guided French, American, and European groups. I speak Berber, Arabic, French, and English.
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Morocco is a good destination for classic tourism. But, morocco hold a big variety of endemic birds and many migrating once go cross in spring and autumn.

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Morocco offers a variety of wonderful experiences. The mountains cover a big part of the country. There are more than 3500km of coastline, and the entire south is Sahara desert.

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Mohamed ZAKI / Ifrane village PO Box 11 22450 Tabant, AZILAL Morocco

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