Morocco birdwatching - birding guide in Morocco

Morocco birdwatching - birding guide in Morocco

Morocco is a good destination for classic tourism. But, morocco hold a big variety of endemic birds and many migrating once go cross in spring and autumn. The habitats are very different, the Atlas and Rif mountains, big planes, Sahara desert and coast.
Moussier’s redstart , Barbary partridge and Levailliant’s woodpecker are in low valleys and slops, crimson-winged finch, shore lark and lammergeier go very high in mountains. In the desert, we easily find desert warbler, houbara bustard and sandgrouses.

When we return to the sea, a good colony of bald ibis in the north of Agadir, marbled duck and black crowned chagra are frequent in Massa River. Those are only some of the endemic birds in Morocco and North Africa. But, during our tours we can see more than 200 species.



5/21/18, 3:45 PM

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